A perfectionist and eager designer; the RANA KB collection is the result of this young woman's vision and hard work.

Rana was consumed by the world of design at a young age, admiring architecture and materials as well as decor and style. Equipped with a creative mind, she pursued studies in interior design, gaining her diploma at age 21. After working in the field for some time, the young professional had inspiration for a different type of creation; a luxury line for the modern yet elegant woman.

“I came up with this beautiful geometric motif while drawing one evening. My vision was to bring the design to life using contrasting materials.”

And thus, the defining characteristic of the RANA KB collection was born.

“I always loved fashion and style. Dressing yourself, in my opinon, is a very significant point of your day, not necessarily just to look good to others or “look the part” but more importantly to feel good and be confident in yourself.”

Rana also comes from a family of jewelers which, as a result, caused her to grow up knowing all about the high-end jewelry industry. It was thus natural and almost instinctual for her to incorporate her design into her very own luxury collection.

“After experimenting with different ideas and materials, I decided to use black ceramic and diamonds to create the contrast my motif needed. The ceramic gives the pieces an edge while the diamonds give them an elegance. Together, they achieve a perfect balance of modern and timeless.”

The versatility of her collection was also an important aspect for her,

“I wanted my pieces to be easily worn together but also to complement any woman’s current collection. For this reason, all my pieces are available in 18K Rose and Yellow gold as well as Super White gold. They are also made to complement one another and fit seamlessly together.”


The RANA KB Collection is designed in Montreal by Rana herself and produced in Italy for the ensured quality of the pieces and integrity to her design. Rana is continually drawing up ideas for new pieces for her collection, which is currently available exclusively at Chateau D’Ivoire in Montreal.